Monday, November 1, 2010

SOTD: Dioressence + Philosykos body lotion

Dioressence (I have an older edt bottle like the one pictured, but it's not exactly vintage) layered over Philosykos is an unexpectedly soft, awesome combo for a Monday morning.

I am fascinated by Dioressence; my bottle must still contain a smidgen of that vintage glory so vividly described by the extraordinarily talented Angela at Now Smell This. It does have an... um... unUSual undertone more than likely caused by cinnamon and patchouli. You spray it and it conjures a magical carpet made of pillows, but then a few moment laters, you start to wonder what, exactly, that funk IS that you're lounging in. Pillows made of roadkill, maybe? Yikes.

Philosykos body lotion likewise has a bit of a challenging opening--there's a distinctly urinous quality to it when you first smear it on, but that goes away in a few minutes, and I like it very much otherwise. I bought the lotion online, hoping it would be a perfect complement to my solid version of the perfume without splashing out on an entire edt bottle. I can definitely say the formulation is a high-quality, emollient, ungreasy lotion that feels wonderful. The scent, after the unfortunate first few minutes, is lovely--a slightly woody and creamy whisper. Sadly, it doesn't satisfy my need right now for more! more! Philosykos. Sigh. The solid, the lotion, AND the edt may be in my future.

Anyway, you'd think that putting these two challenging scents together would be a recipe for disaster, but the creaminess of the Philosykos tames the Dioressence a smidgen, without ruining the luxurious distraction from Monday morning that it provides.


ScentScelf said...

You got me, alright...I wouldn't have thunk it. But if you are saying this is a layering combo that works...well...I'd be willing to give it a shot.

I have a small decant of the Dioressence, relegated to the "reference library" due to funky aspects you mention here, but not the Philosykos body lotion. Is the fig scent anything like it? Gergh, now I'm thinking of those two together....

Okay, I'm quieting my mind. You tell me. Should I lay the roadkill on the fig? ;)

MyPerfumeLife said...

Interesting combination. I'm always really nervous about wearing a couple of things together, but must get a bit more adventurous.