Monday, June 22, 2009

Cruel Summer: Experimental Layering Spree

The Texan's version of cabin fever is a danger to my sanity lately, so if you will, kind reader, picture me with Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" playing in the soundtrack in my head, not wanting to brave my 5,000-degree car to go anywhere, watching DVDs, painting, and trying new perfume combinations whenever I am home from work. I've been madly experimenting with layering some of my summery fragrances to satisfy my craving for new combinations while staying within the translucent fragrance family that is all I can stand during the 100-degree days here in Austin.

Diorella deodorant spray + Creed Jasmal
(The Diorella, by the way, is one of the old bottles you can get at parfum1, and it's damn good. At $22.50 minus 25% off, they're practically paying you to get it--what're you waiting for?)

Gap Orange Blossom + Estee Lauder Private Collection parfum
(weird, I know, but the Gap stuff gives the somewhat ponderous PC a nice little effervescent lift)

Guerlain Vetiver + Madini Azahar oil
(I end of layering the Vetiver with just about anything right now, actually, but this is a particularly nice combo)

Diorissimo edt + Monsieur Givenchy
(the Diorissimo femmes up my beloved Monsieur, then the Monsieur drydown makes me imagine I'm smelling the old Diorissimo with the oakmoss naughtiness that alas, is no more)

Guerlain Anisia Bella + Annick Goutal Musc Nomade
(the Musc Nomade is another favorite layering base right now--here it magically takes away the acrid tinge I often get from Anisia Bella)

L'Aromarine Mousse de Chene + Givenchy Le De
(warm, sweetened oakmoss/jasmine tea)

Prada Infusion d'Iris + CdG Avignon
(quiet but eccentric incense iris)

What are you layering lately?

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Olfacta said...

I love Aeromarine's Mousse de Chene as a base, because it's so strong and dry; I'm going to try layering it with AG's Gardenia Passion, which is a bit too sweet on me.

Tania said...

ooh, layering fun!

I have tried a few, but haven't had too many successes. One I want to try is O de Lancome on top of a light floral chypre, maybe Y. This is because I tried and loved Lubin's Champs Elysees thing, but can't afford it, and I think that layering might come close to it!

ScentScelf said...

Haven't experimented with any layers this summer--yet--though I have brought out my old standby summer lotion pairing: BBW Sandalwood Rose (may it RIP) with Jean Nate. I rather like the way the smoothed out citrus-like Jean Nate dissolves into the more basenote like aspects of the Sandalwood Rose. After 15 minutes, it all settles into my skin so much, I can spritz a cologne (or whatever) without any fighting.

Ha! Good tag for a skin lotion: plays well with perfumes. :)

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Olfacta, Sorry for the very delayed response to your comment! Yeah, I'm learning to appreciate that Mousse de Chene quite a bit... they key is to use an eeetsy bitsy amount. It is strong!

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Tania, Sorry for the delay in replying! That sounds like a good combo. It reminds me I have some of those teensy vintage micro-mini samples of Y that I found at an antique mall, and I need to try them again in the heat of summer.

What is Lubin's Champs Elysees thing? Do you mean the Nuit de Longchamp? I've been curious about that one myself. Or do they have another perfume coming out? I'm intrigued by the Gin Fizz re-launch, I must say....

Aimée L'Ondée said...

ScentScelf, yes, I would love to be able to predict what lotions play well with perfumes, actually. Some (on me at least) just eat the perfume alive, and it's never detected again!

Rose said...

layering Carthusia Mediterreano with anything summers it up- a tiny spray of CSP vanilla abricot with it has the more ish quality of the CSP without the sickly sweetness.

I'm bathing in Un Jardin Sur le Nil as is my tradition whenever it goes over 30c!

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hey Rose, I'm gonna try Un Jardin Sur le Nil again in this steambath weather, to see if it hits the spot! I bet it will do really well right now. Thanks for commenting!