Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anticipations, Quickies, Cheapo Finds, and Ambivalence

Do you have any scents you're yearning for, or a frustrating ambivalence, lately? Here are my recent anticipations, tests, finds, and fickleness.

Most anticipated new releases:

Robert Piquet's Futur (as reported in Sniffapalooza Magazine)
Lubin's Gin Fizz (as reported by Carmencanada in Grain de Musc)
Ego Facto's Me Myself and I
Ego Facto's Jamais le Dimanche (a new brand currently only available at Marionnaud, as reported by Octavian Coifan at 1000fragrances)

Recently tested:

Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque
Just like other PdNs I've tried, the topnotes are just an unreproachably lovely bouquet with a gentle touch of green sparkle, so well blended that I can't tell where the lily of the valley begins or the iris ends, because it all just melds so smoothly that it...then starts to bore me silly, for some reason I just can't fathom. Why me? Why can't I love these? So unfair.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Urban Lily
Ummm... I can't say yet if this is urban. Moldy lily of the valley juice crushed weeks ago into a sidewalk-crack by passersby, maybe? Tabac
Beautiful. An unambery, non-gooey, non-gourmand tobacco leaf scent. I'm still not sure I've found my tobacco holy grail, though.

Jasmal by Creed
Waxy to the point of fruitiness and green jasmine. So simple I tend to think it isn't necessary, until Joy parfum is just a little too creamy and complex and brainy to deal with on a Texas summer's day. Sweetens into a banana-jasmine in the drydown.

Givenchy III
Raspy, silvery-green, and velvet-furred like lamb's ear leaves. The coriander always has me entranced up front, but then I end up getting a bit tired of it; it feels a bit too linear, even for a confirmed green chypre lover. I love it, then I'm bored, then I love it, then I don't. Another one I'm ambivalent about, to say the least.

Messe de Minuit by Etro
The first time I sniffed this, in the dry, dry, cool Texas winter, it repulsed me like a dank, moldy basement. Now, with some spring moisture in the air, it is a lovely citric-tinged incense with a musky undertone.

Cheapo finds:

Vivienne Westwood Libertine
This is making me doubt my sanity. I actually LIKE a fruity floral. With pineapple (shudder) in it.

Bvlgari Black
Thank goodness I was able to return the stinker watery bottle of this I bought off eBay a while ago, and now have a good bottle from a reputable online retailer. I already knew I loved it, but I'm newly overjoyed by the rubbery black tea topnotes.

Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel
See recent review for my slavering adoration.

Perfumes I'm afraid I've fallen out of love with:

Oh dear, I have full bottles of these and I'm not sure I can stomach them anymore. I may need to wait until next winter to make a final stay-or-go decision on these, but I'm feeling fickle and overloaded with perfumes I don't love. I may need to clear out some bottles from the collection.

Annick Goutal Heure Exquise


BitterGrace said...

Anya (of Anya's Garden) has been promising a new tuberose scent called Moondance for quite a while, but the release date keeps getting pushed back. I know I will love it, and the anticipation is killing me.

My latest cheapo find is Creation from Ted Lapidus, a classic '80s fruity chypre. I can't resist snagging bottles of the old powerhouses while they're still around, since all of them are doomed. Creation will probably never make my top ten, but come September, I'm sure I'll be glad I have it.

After years of 'fume obsession, I have stopped believing in the death of love. Eventually, I always come back to anything I've once enjoyed. Don't dump those bottles too soon ;-)

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Thanks for the advice! I should keep them. I'll probably have an sweet-floral-aldehyde craving again at some point, right? I have a weakness for trolling obscure perfume discount websites for such nearly forgotten treasures as Creation, and buying (I think of it as kindly adoption, really) said treasures unsniffed. It's rarely a disastrous mistake, and often I've found fabulous stuff! Well, okay, that Trussardi Donna was an (inexpensive) disaster, but still... so much fun!

ScentScelf said...

Aimee, what is your tobacco holy grail like? (I've been on a violet quest, myself.) Laurie Erikson over at Sonoma Scent Studio has just released a new one, Tabac Aurea...I'd be happy to toss a sample your way.

I love Bulgari Black, me, it's an easy one to love. A somewhat funky vanilla, but nothing too out there.

Chamade? You are not digging Chamade? sounds like one of those I might like, but I haven't tried it yet. Same for Heure Exquise. I do have a bottle of Goutal Eau de Ciel, which for some reason is tickling the brain as a similar is very...pretty...seems like it might be a good summer scent...I am *sometimes* in the mood for pretty...

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hey ScentSelf, thanks for the offer! I'd love to find a really dry pipe tobacco scent. The scent of a tobacco shop in Cambridge, Mass., specifically. Somewhere between old books, furniture polish, and dry pipe tobacco would be da bomb. I just looked up the notes on Tabac Aurea, and unfortunately it has amber and clove in it, neither of which are notes I can take, really. Sad! I haven't tried any Sonoma Scent Studio, but I hear they make good stuff. Hope you're doing well!