Monday, October 13, 2008

Goals for the Voyage

We perfume fanatics, I've just realized, have a lot in common with pirates. Take the sign above, for instance. It pretty much sums up my own perfume voyage motto. Being an aficionada of anything related to pirates, I followed a link from the awesome design blog *DesignSponge to the 826 Valencia shop, which promised hilarious pirate-themed indie-designed posters with mottos such as:

Cannons Don't Sink Ships, Pirates With Cannons Sink Ships
Pillage Before Plunder, What a Blunder. Plunder Before Pillage, Mission Fulfillage.

But what did I find as well? Yosh Han's Pirate Perfumes! Yargh, that's right, ye scurvy lubbers. Has anyone tried these? There are no notes, no descriptions, not a detail to be found, except for the fragrance names: Swashbuckler, Cavalier, El Capitan, Buccaneer, Buxom, Siren, and Damsel. Apparently they were created exclusively for, and are sold only at, 826 Valencia.

I think I'll e-mail the scallywags to see if I can find out more.


Rose said...

I think you're right, perhaps we are all perfume pirates! Sadly I haven't tried any of these but will look into them- Buxom is a particularly hilarious name for a fragrance!

Aimée L'Ondée said...

I know! Buxom Wench would have been even better, though.