Saturday, September 20, 2008

Choices, Choices, and Lists

So you'd never know, unless you read the subtitle of my blog up there, that I intended this to encompass more than my perfume geekery. But after a brutally hot and dry Texas summer I've got a front yard garden that's gasping for water, a shamefully abandoned community garden plot with 7-ft tomato plants that never produced more than a handful of pear tomatoes (but quite a lot of purple Thai basil, at least), crumpled chainlink fences to get rid of, a half-painted back door, and a still-empty spot where I plan my screened porch. Geez, no wonder I prefer researching luxurious vintage perfumes, when I see all that listed out.

Count this as a moment of homeowner panic at encroaching reality. It's starting to cool off enough to thing about all the stuff I need to do. Gah! If I keep buying perfume I'm never going to be able to afford my long-dreamed-of screened porch! So in the hope that by creating lists I can expiate some of my consumerist desires:

Here's my desperately-want-a-full-bottle-but-I'd-be-just-plain-stupid-to-spend-the-money list:

Dzing, L'Artisan Parfumeur
Une Fleur de Cassie, Malle Editions
Bois des Iles, Chanel
Iris Silver Mist, Lutens (+ trip to Paris, of course)
Jasmin Vert, Miller Harris
new Mitsouko edt, Guerlain

And because what's better than a list? Two lists! Here's my want-a-big-sample list:

Iris de Nuit, Heeley; Escale a Portofino, Dior; Love in Black, Creed; Monsieur de Givenchy; Eau de Guerlain; Jasmin et Cigarette, L'Etat de Libre; S-ex, S-Perfumes; Bluebell, Penhaligon's; Vetiver Pour Elle, Guerlain; Wild Hunt, CB I Hate Perfume; Acqua di Parma Profumo; Jasmin Noir, Bvlgari; Beige, Chanel; No. 23, Red Tara, and Madame X, Ava Luxe; Dan Tes Bras, Malle Editions; Jitterbug, Opus Oils; and probably a billion more I'm not remembering at the moment.

Help me choose! If I can get just two of my need-a-full-bottle list, which should I get?


ScentScelf said...

Using your list (and not personal preferences) as a guide, I think you might split into types. A Bois des Iles plus either Dzing or Une Fleur de Cassie (remember the sex!), or Iris Silver Mist plus Mitsouko.

Hey, there's another way to approach it: Paris trip. What can you get only there?

Aw, I can't help you much with your wish list (I have other Ava Luxe, but not what you mention). Dan Tes Bras wasn't available at the Malle counter last week; they said a few more weeks before it appears.

ScentScelf said...

Oh...will you need a porter for Paris? ;)

Rose said...

I write lists of things I want to when I can't buy things. It sort of comforts the urge to buy doesn't it.

I love Miller Harris Jasmine Vert too- it's so rarely mentioned but am glad to find another fan! I have a sample but no full bottle it's on the list though! I also would love some MH Fleur De Sal

Divina said...

Seriously, if the Iris Silver Mist bottle indeed comes coupled with a trip to Paris, then that's what you have to choose for! Not only will you get your full bottle but you will get to sniff so many other things you normally couldn't! *sighs wistfully* And if you go, you'll have to let me know :P I just might decide to hop on a train and meet you there for a sniffathon ;)


Aimée L'Ondée said...

scentself, I agree the trip to Paris should come first (well, after the screened porch, that is!)

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hi Rose, yeah, and Jasmine Vert is so hard to find in the U.S. Saks has it, and... that's about it. grrr. I smelled it in NY a couple months ago but could not get a sample out of the harried SA. Remind me how beautiful it is! The memory is faaaaadiiiiing.

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Divina, that would be fun! I am semi-seriously considering it as a present to myself for my birthday in late April. Serge, Guerlain, and a hundred other perfume shops will have to compete for time with the Osmotheque and another passion of mine: marché aux puces!

Bathsheba (a phase) said...

You did some lists first and I hadn't even realized...(great minds think alike?). I'm going to vote for your FBs...If you can only have 2 I'd say you *need* SL Iris Silver Mist and FM Fleur de Cassie. First, I'll tell you that my own prejudice has entered this recommendation (I hate Dzing!). Then I decided the bottle of Bois des Iles was just too bloody big (those exclusifs bottles are 200 ml!) and lasty ISM and UFdC are simply lovely....
You must report back to tell your readers which 2 you choose!

Aimée L'Ondée said...

I knoooow, why are those Chanels so ginormous, dammit! You're so right. ISM an UFdC are both the most gorgeous must-haves. But as for the others, decants might do, as much as it hurts to say that.