Friday, June 20, 2008

My Sin : Lanvin : Mme Zed

Yep, it's another post-fleabay-binge vintage perfume post. I scored a quarter ounce of My Sin in a sealed box and it appears to be in great shape. Wooo!

Lanvin's My Sin surprisingly starts with what smells like candied bergamot and violets suspended in an aldehydic shimmer. Hm, violets aren't in the listed notes, as far as I know, but maybe it's just a violet quality to the aldehydes? It's not as much like Chanel no. 5 parfum as I expected. It seems, oddly enough, like a combination of Arpege (you can smell that gorgeous sandalwood base immediately) and the smell of Smarties candy that I get from the new Chanel no. 5 flanker, Eau Premiere. Not unappealing at all. But thankfully, that impression doesn't last long, because prowling and purring just behind the aldehydes is a sandalwood and civet combination that is pretty damn stunning.

From a candy-necklace version of no. 5, My Sin transforms into an unrestrained and naughtier no. 5. Much better, that. The animalic basenotes are exceedingly creamy in combination with the ylang, jasmine, and vanilla, but the tiny hint of an edge (probably from the vetiver, cloves, and styrax, but I can't distinguish any of those notes individually) keeps it all from feeling too pillowy or gooey.

Sorry about the confused jumble of heart notes and basenotes, but my nose just doesn't seem to work in the pyramidal structure of topnote, then heartnote, then basenote. I probably haven't trained it enough, most likely. And since no. 5 parfum is such a huge reference point in this review, I should really link to some detailed reviews of that colossal icon. How about this one: Legerdenez has a wonderful and informative post on Chanel no. 5. Also, PerfumeQueen's review of no. 5 is very nicely done.

Read the tempting and thorough review of My Sin at Bois de Jasmin. According to that review, the notes are: aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, neroli; heart notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, clove, orris, lily of the valley, jonquil, lilac; base notes of vanilla, vetiver, musk, woods, tolu, styrax, civet.


Anonymous said...

great piece! I feel like digging out my bottle of my sin to give another try :)

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Thanks! I really enjoy PerfumeQueen, as well. Yes, do check it out again, and let me know if you get the candied bergamot note in the top notes, 'cause it certainly surprised me. I love finding that aldehydic sweetness, though, because it seems like the top notes made it through however many years apparently undamaged.I'm a total dork, but I can't help thinking of the conservators at the Sistine Chapel discovering Michelangelo's frescos were candy-colored, of all things!
Cheers, Aimee

Octavian Coifan said...

I would say that there is also a strong Narcissus-jonquil note, very powdery and almost soapy that can also be found in Narcisse Blanc from Caron.

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hm, yes, that is a note I have difficulty detecting, but it always intrigues me. I didn't realize it was powdery/soapy. I need to smell Narcisse Blanc. I believe it's featured in Vol de Nuit as well?